Elastic FantasticElastic Fantastic

We’ve buried the toxic secrets of our atomic past under tainted soil – what will we tell the future when it digs them up?

Thumping bass, sweaty armpits, acid techno, thigh-highs, vinyl scratches… a sea of toxic waste.

Hedonistic Queer party-goer Rey is sent on a mission to bury nuclear waste in an underground nightclub.  Through neon-lit hallways and graffiti-scrawled backrooms, Rey stumbles over intoxicated encounters and down psychedelic rabbit-holes to send a message deep through time. Is it worth it? Or should they just dance the night away?

A new play exploring the intersection between consent, climate crisis, gender, sexuality, and what to wear to a Techno Party.

Winding up at Edinburgh Festival Fringe from the 2nd to the 10th of August at TheSpace Triplex Studio.

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