We want our work to challenge convention and create audacious narratives.


Movement, colour, and light twinkle against our bodies and creations in a glorious kaleidoscope.

No old news here - we create stories that are relevant and powerful to communities.

stories that empower and dynamise.

Elastic Fantastic was created in Edinburgh in 2023 by an ensemble of Queer and Allied Storytellers to develop a multidisciplinary platform for resilient, defiant, and rebellious LGBTQ+ voices. Utilising multiple formats of media, the team aim to develop work across theatre, film, and sound (sometimes all at once) that elevates unheard queer narratives.

The pre-existing media paradigm often relegates LGBTQ+ voices to an ‘Othering’. We seek to challenge this norm by empowering creatives to create Queer work that challenges heteronormative expectations and the power structures that support them. Our work is designed to be loud, vibrant, and frenetic – the realm of the physical body flitters with reconstituted gender norms and brazen sexuality in each of our works.

Our work is Made in Scotland – but we also aim to perform in locations close to our creatives’ hearts – Leeds, Bristol, Brighton, London, and further afield.


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Our website features graphics from Annie Spratt and Jr Korpa.